Grandparent and their relatives

Easy Admissions

Admissions Made Easier

At Prairie Senior Cottages, we know that even thinking about admission of your loved one is stressful. We do our very best to lessen the stress for everyone.

We can make arrangements to complete the necessary paperwork at a time that is convenient for you. Families often choose to do this ahead of the actual admission so they can focus more on the process of moving their loved one in.

We gather information from you ahead of time and share it with all staff so they know a variety of things that are important to your loved one. It may include:


  • Favorite foods, songs, activities, etc.
  • Significant family members and friendships
  • Sleeping/napping and bathroom habits
  • Religious/spiritual preferences
  • Topics of conversations they may enjoy
  • Career background
  • Places they’ve traveled

Anything else you can think of to share that will help us provide a comfortable environment with a feeling of home and a respect for their individuality.

Any items you can personalize the room with ahead of time are helpful with the transition. Our setting is specifically designed to look like home rather than a hotel or institution with long hall ways.

Our staff is specially trained to work with people affected by memory loss. They understand the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere and a feeling of belonging. You may be surprised at how quickly our new residents adapt! If we determine that your loved one may need extra support on admission, we may assign a staff member to work only with them in order to create a foundation of trust, introduce them to other residents and staff, and generally help them feel comfortable and welcome.

If your loved one has been one of our respite clients, the transition will be even easier for both you and them. They can usually be admitted with very little notice. Most of the information we need will already be in place.