Family Support Line

Albert Lea

New Ulm

New Richland


(507) 381-6953

Preferred hours of support of 1pm -7pm,
with 24-hour availability in an emergency.


Jane has been an RN for 45+ years. Most of her nursing experience has been caring for the elderly in Hospice, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. After spending many years caring for her own family, Jane enjoys flower gardening to keep her busy. During the colder weather, she appreciates reading and sewing. Jane’s biggest achievement is learning how to drive a motorcycle and owning her own Harley. Which she still rides!




(507) 327-3259

Preferred hours of support of 9am -2pm,
with 24-hour availability in an emergency.


Mary has enjoyed working in health care for 45 + years. She started from the bottom and worked her way up from Therapeutic Recreational, Music Therapy, Business office, and Social work. Her proudest moment is when she achieved in getting a LTC Administrators license. Most recently, she has worked in Nursing homes, Assisted Livings and Memory Care. Mary has also worked in the field as a nurse aid, bather, and in moments of need such as these times. She appreciates reading, musicals, plays and doing many fun things with friends. Mary is a good listener and enjoys working with people of all ages.

Dear Prairie Senior Cottage Family Member,

All of us at Prairie Senior Cottages are honored that you have chosen us to care for your loved one. For weeks we have been preparing for the worst but hoping for the best concerning this coronavirus situation. As you know we have closed our cottages to all visitors unless absolutely medically necessary. This among many other precautions have been put in place to protect your family treasure and the caregivers who take care of them.

We also want to take care of your concerns and realize that during times like these with an extremely serious pandemic, communication is very important. This is exactly why we have set up a Family Support Line. Our plan is to keep you up to date with conditions of the cottage where your loved one resides and talk about any of your concerns.

We are here for you when you just need someone to listen, when you have questions about what we are doing to prevent COVID-19, when and if there is a positive case identified, when you are lonely and missing your loved one, or if you are experiencing any grief and in need of a sympathetic ear.

During this time, we ask that you contact our Family Support Line for any of your concerns rather than the Cottage Director. We anticipate our staff will be working many extra hours to cover each other’s shifts in the event some of our staff become ill and must stay at home in quarantine.

Sincerely, Prairie Senior Cottages