Fees and Levels of Care

Fees and Level of Care

At Prairie Senior Cottages, the level of care is defined by the need and the wishes of the family. Prior to a resident being admitted, we complete an assessment by working together with all concerned to develop a comprehensive level of care, which will determine the resident’s monthly fee. The resident’s monthly fee will increase proportionately as the resident’s care requirements increase.  Contact our Family Support Specialist (507-550-0566) to find out more about the fees for the cottage you are inquiring about. 

Services included in fee:

RN supervision and case management

On-going care assessments & developmental revisions

24/7 on-site, specially trained caregivers

All meals and snacks each day

Free guest meals

Monitored building

Medication supervision and administration

Daily life enhancement activities & leisure programming

Assistance with all “activities of daily living”

Transportation to locally scheduled medical appointments.

If you need help paying for services, the Elderly Waiver Program may be an option based on your eligibility. At Prairie Senior Cottages, we accept the reimbursement from the Elderly Waiver Program. For more information download the brochure Download the Pdf or talk to our family support specialist: call 507-550-0566.



Health Care Supervision by a Registered Nurse
On-Going Assessment and Care Plan Revisions
Transportation to Local Scheduled Medical Appointments*
(*see additional care fees for medical escorts)
Verbal Cues for Dressing, Nutrition, Grooming, and Toileting
Medication Administration – Simple


Incontinence Management
Anti-Coagulation/Blood Thinner Management
Medication Administration -Complex, Crushed Medications
Therapeutic Exercise


Assist of 1 for Cares/Transfers/Mobility
High Risk or History of Falls
Wandering – Needing Frequent Redirection
Unmanageable Incontinence
Blood Sugar Testing and/or Insulin Injections
Nebulizer Treatments and/or Oxygen Therapy


2 Person Mechanical Lift (Hoyer/EZ Stand)
Assist of 2 for Cares/Mobility/Transfers
Resistance to Care/Difficult/Anxious Behaviors
Special Diets/Assistance with Feeding/Nutrition
High Risk of Elopement
Palliative Care


Licensed Nursing Services
Colostomy Care and/or Catheter Care
Wound Care
3 Person Transfers



The resident’s fee is “all-inclusive” from a care-related standpoint. Additional fees will be applicable if the resident requires additional care services for more than 24 hours, or one day during the month. Appropriate responsible parties will be notified verbally and in writing regarding any change in fees

Additional Care Fees:

  • 1:1 Medical Escorts/Enhanced Behavioral Support/Enhanced Hospice Support

                        Daily rate plus $35 per hour for caregiver support

                        Daily rate plus $45 per hour for nurse support

  • Outside pharmacy selection and setup: When a resident’s family chooses a pharmacy
    other than the Cottage’s preferred pharmacy of choice or medication is set up by a
    nurse, an additional $500 per month will be applied.

Items Supplied by Family/Individual Vendors/Private Insurance:

Incontinence ProductsMedications and Pharmaceutical Services
Medical SuppliesMedical Equipment
Physical/Occupational TherapyNutritional/Dietary Supplements
Aroma Therapy/Essential OilToiletry Items