Image of our Veteran, Eleanor, as a young Marine sitting on the steps at Camp Lejeune

99 Year Old Veteran Stays Connected to Family


When asked to describe her mother, Katherine chuckled a little bit. She used words like loving, caring, strong, and focused. Eleanor, a wife, mother and 99-year-old Marine, displayed deep-seated values, faith, and morals throughout her life. She grew up during the Depression so saving was always a priority. Serving as a Marine during WWII also shaped Eleanor’s life in many ways.

Lessons Learned in the Military Became Life-Long Lessons

Eleanor applied many of the lessons she learned in the military in her everyday life. For example, when chores were to be done, it was all hands-on deck. Katherine remembers many days that relaxing was a luxury that was seldom to be had. All the chores had to be done before any leisure time was to be enjoyed. Priority was to keep the house nice and tidy just like a Marine.Many happy days were spent with family and friends. Various activities that Eleanor enjoyed during her lifetime included square dancing, playing cards with friends, enjoying time at the cabin, sewing club, and working at church. She enjoyed cooking and baking; whether it was delicious pies and cookies or homemade soups, boiled dinners, and lasagna.

Connecting with Family is a Priority

A photograph of Eleanor with her large extended family.
Eleanor enjoyed many family get togethers.

A big part of her life with her husband, William, was spending time with family. She especially enjoyed her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They enjoyed a long life together, 64 years, but unfortunately Eleanor became a widow 8 years ago. It was a devastating loss for her because they did so much together and relied on each other for support. William was a gentleman and always took care of the love of his life.

An image of Eleanor in uniform saluting at Camp Lejeune.
An image of Eleanor in uniform saluting at Camp Lejeune.


Everyone Could Benefit from Service to our Country

Eleanor describes her service to her country as one of the best things that happened during that time of her life. She feels that everyone would benefit by serving our country. Her Marine experience was at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina ( during WWII where she did office work. It was a new camp at the time to help to prepare warfighters for combat and humanitarian missions abroad.


Katherine and her husband, Brian, come to visit her a few times a week when indoor visiting is available. Visits outside her bedroom window were even made during the cold winter months as was displayed on the front page of the Star Tribune paper recently.

Eleanor moved into Prairie Senior Cottages during the pandemic in July. Katherine shared that our staff helped make the transition an easy one. “The staff did an amazing job in setting up her room and having it all ready for her the day Eleanor arrived.” Cottage Director, Jamie, lovingly described Eleanor and her family as being sensitive, kind and big huggers. She said, “Eleanor’s biggest joy was her family and it showed throughout her entire lifetime.”

Eleanor celebrated her 99th birthday in December and made it to her heavenly home recently. The team at Prairie Senior Cottage of Isanti ( )are so thankful to have gotten to know Eleanor and her family and care for her.